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SleevesUp, Atrium Plaza, Mainzer Landstraße 178-190, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Thursday, September 21ST

Core Team Volunteers

Welcome to
INNOVATE Frankfurt

Expand your network at the biggest INNOVATE Event 

in Frankfurt, September 21th.


INNOVATE stands for Iranian Network Of Visionaries And Technology Entrepreneurs. It is an ambitious and thrilling event, part of a global movement empowering Iranian entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. It focuses on networking, fostering innovation, and collaboration in cutting-edge industries like AI, Machine Learning, blockchain, and mixed reality. Having successfully held events in Canada and Europe, INNOVATE now sets its sights on Frankfurt, where passionate volunteers aims to unite the Iranian community and beyond. The main goal is to showcase future tech opportunities, feature outstanding speakers from diverse backgrounds, highlight successful startups and individuals, and create a vibrant hub for talent and connections. While its origins are Iranian, the event warmly welcomes all participants and will be conducted in English. The organizers aspire to expand their impact to non-Iranian communities. INNOVATE promises to be a historic occasion, uniting tech enthusiasts in a celebration of innovation and collaboration.

AI and Future

INNOVATE Frankfurt proudly presents an upcoming event with the main topic of "AI, Fintech, Blockchain and Sustainability "  Whether you're a founder, developer, investor, scientist, engineer, or simply enthusiastic about tech and AI, you belong to our community.

Agenda of Event


AI    Fintech     Blockchain     Sustainability

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Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join us on September 21th to network with change-makers, gain insights, and step into your entrepreneurial potential. The future needs your voice. Make sure to follow Innovate.Vancouver on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date on this event and future opportunities!

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